Mission / Vision Statement

The Bereavement Network Europe is a collaboration of organisations and professionals from nations across Europe which works to improve support and understanding for bereaved people.

Our vision is that there should be a Europe-wide culture of compassion and support for bereaved people. This will be built upon the recognition of the difficulties and challenges that accompany the death of someone close and the profound impact they can have on every aspect of individual and family life, as well as on schools, workplaces, and communities as a whole.

In order to realise this vision the network aims to promote:

  • The exchange and dissemination of information, innovation and good practice.
  • The creation of fora that enable mutual support between organisations and professionals.
  • Research into the impact of bereavement.
  • Research into the most effective interventions and support.
  • Understanding about the impact of different cultures, provision and policies on the grieving process.
  • Advocacy for the needs of bereaved people and the provision of appropriate services and support.

In order to achieve our aims we will need to be able to:

  • Provide opportunities for networking and sharing of information, including conferences, international workshops and through electronic media.
  • Support research projects by facilitating partnership working and joint funding bids.
  • Provide data to inform policymakers and service providers about differences in provision.

Key initial tasks for the network include:

  • Establishing democratic and flexible governance and organisational structures.
  • Promoting awareness of the network and attracting new members from across Europe.
  • Securing funding to enable resources to be devoted to achieving these aims.
  • Organising regular opportunities for professionals to meet to exchange good practice and further the Network’s aims.
  • Making links with other international networks in related fields e.g. palliative care.
  • Developing an advocacy strategy.
  • Recruiting key supporters in the field of bereavement.
  • Recruiting key supporters to help raise awareness and influence policy makers and the wider public.


Hosted by The Danish National Center for Grief