Hosting organization

Bereavement Network Europe (BNE) is hosted by The Danish National Center for Grief (DGC).

At present BNE does not have the resources for any infrastructure and is therefore grateful to The Danish National Center for Grief for hosting the network. This provides BNE with an invaluable resource for maintaining the website; organising meetings and events; coordinating selected tasks in relation to building the network; as well as use of their officially registered organisational status when required.

The Danish National Center for Grief would also provide financial management and if relevant HR support and line management for any work that was funded and required staffing.

About DGC:
The Danish National Center for Grief is an independent, specialist organisation within the area grief and grief reactions established in 2000. The mission of DGC is that grief should not destroy lives, and the organization provides support and specialized counseling and treatment to grieving people across age groups in Denmark. Other areas of focus are; conducting and coordinating research, disseminating knowledge about grief and the difference between normal and complicated grief reactions; providing professional training to a wide array of professionals across health care, social and educational sectors; raising public awareness to decrease the stigma and taboo related to death and grief.