BNE timeline

June 2019

  • Meeting in Padova outlining detailed work plan and getting governance structure in place for building and expanding BNE towards 2022

February 2019

  • Steering group working meeting in London getting a head start and outlining overall network strategy and structure towards 2022

October 2018

  • Agreement signed to formalise The Danish National Centre for Grief as host organization for Bereavement Network Europe

February 2018

  • Meeting in Berlin confirming name change to Bereavement Network Europe and expanding to bereavement across all ages

July 2017

  • Workshop presentation to encourage wider participation in the network given by three members of the steering group at the International Conference on Grief and Bereavement in Lisbon

April 2016

  • Briefing event for MEPs in European Parliament in Brussels, and meetings with individual MEPs from Ireland and Portugal

September 2014

  • Launch Meeting in Leuven where the Family Bereavement Network was formally established – event feedback rated >95% good or excellent

During 2014

  • Preparation to formalise the network and develop a visual identity, website etc. as well as organising the launch event

December 2013

  • Steering group formed, chair, vice-chair and secretaries appointed

September 2013

  • Meeting in Leuven with a view to identify level of interest for network in Europe

February 2013

  • Meeting in Dublin between representatives from Anam Cara (I) and the Laura Centre (UK) with regard to the setting up of an European Network in Europe called the Family Bereavement Network (FBNE)


Hosted by The Danish National Center for Grief