We are a collaboration of organisations and professionals from nations across Europe.

Our vision is to promote a European-wide culture of compassion, support and care that meets the needs of all bereaved people according to their wishes.

This vision is reflected in the following objectives

  • Improve professional knowledge of different grief support needs and ways of meeting these
  • Inform and/or train professionals and volunteers on how to support bereaved individuals, families and communities
  • Promote networking among European professionals and trained volunteers in the field of bereavement
  • Create opportunities for transcultural research on bereavement among European researchers and clinicians
  • Enhance the public’s understanding of grief and bereavement support for individuals, families and communities
  • Inform policy makers and promote public policies which support bereaved people  (e.g. education, employment, welfare)

The Network reflects the diversity and strength of bereavement care across all Europe.

Hosted by The Danish National Center for Grief