The Bereavement Network Europe (BNE) is a collaboration of organisations and professionals from nations across Europe, which works to improve support and understanding for bereaved people.

The death of someone close can impact every aspect of individual and family life. This has profound implications for schools, workplaces, and communities as a whole.

We build a bridge between practitioners, researchers & other professionals working in the area of bereavement and bereaved people

Our vision is of a Europe-wide culture of compassion, support and care that meets the needs of all bereaved people.

If you join the Network, you will get an opportunity:

  • to hear about new resources, approaches and campaigns
  • to network with colleagues in other countries
  • to develop collaborations for cross-border projects
  • to share my your knowledge and learning with colleagues
  • to be part of a ‘greater whole’ and contributing to a European bereavement community


Hosted by The Danish National Center for Grief