Eligibility criteria

BNE wishes to bring together members who have significant experience working with bereaved people and services. Therefore, the following eligibility criteria apply to the overall membership types: Members, Associate members and Organizational members.



  • At least two years of regular ongoing, remunerated clinical work with bereaved individuals or families
  • Degree OR certificate in bereavement care OR certificate from a credited organization/or local institution of at least 100 hours of continued professional development (education/training) in bereavement


Ph.D. degree with research dissertation on a bereavement topic or Ph.D. candidate conducting research on a bereavement topic (confirmation letter from supervisor) or Minimum of 2 published peer reviewed research-papers on topics related to bereavement with at least one as a first author or Post-doc/academic professional


  • Degree/ learning of significant relevant professional qualification in bereavement (with at least 100 hours CPD on bereavement issues)
  • Documented experience of having taught bereavement support according to contemporary, acknowledged theoretical models


  • To have held a position as manager/coordinator for at least 2 years in a bereavement organization
  • Experience of development and innovation in bereavement services

Associate members

Associate members (practitioners, volunteers, spiritual care leaders/chaplains, funeral directors) have to be predominantly employed in a European based organization and primarily working in bereavement.

  • At least one year active of ongoing working experience in providing (volunteer) bereavement services.
  • At least 50 hours training in bereavement care.

Organizational member

Bereavement associations, networks and organizations providing bereavement services (clinical, and/or educational) and/or working with other bereavement organisations to develop policy and practice, with a national reach for at least two years